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Full Movie: Sapphic Sensuality

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Sapphic Sensuality

In an erotic encounter of lust & sensuality, two women explore & enjoy one another's bodies. What begins as tentative touch quickly turns to passionate kissing, caressing, and oral pleasure. Immerse yourself in their experience: two femmes giving themselves over to sensuality & sensation.

I've hired Taurus several times to be in my videos, and we always get along wonderfully. She really makes me feel beautiful. Once day after a shoot, she started to flirt with me. She confessed that she has a crush on me & that she has a weakness for redheads. I hired her a couple times after that, and each time she insinuated that she'd like to play with me more. To test our chemistry, I wrote a short make-out scene at the end of another full scene. Our chemistry was... well, it was really hot. She said that she enjoyed herself & was sad the scene had to stop at kissing. So the next time she came over, I decided that we should do a full lesbian scene.

However, unlike most of my scenes, I wanted this one to be without any dialogue, backstory or scripting. I explained that I just wanted to play with her. She thought it was a great idea. She was eager to play with me too. My only request to her was that she also show me scissoring, as I'd never done that before. Wow, was it an amazing encounter. I was a little nervous at first because the whole thing was totally unscripted, but quickly we melted into an exploration of each other's bodies. It was such a beautiful, sensual experience. I wish that as a producer this is something I could do more often. Porn can be so unrealistic, with performers twisting into uncomfortable poses & making weird, loud noises. This experience with Taurus inspired me to strive to capture more real sex on camera. Real people and real sensations, shown in a realistic way.

Released:Oct 14, 2019
Director:Laz Fyre
Length:29 min

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