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Good At Games

My gf & I are visiting Florida & staying at our friends, Levi & Anna's. When my gf goes out for a run, Levi's wife Anna starts acting a bit strange, telling me she is going to have a shower and I can just come in if I need anything. Anything!? I feel like a dirtbag when I go to take a peak, but she is so hot! Besides, I'm just watching her shower... god, she has a great ass! But I can't do this! I head off to my room to jerk off in soltitude, but Anna pops in when I've got my boner in my hand. The first thing she does is threaten to call her husband, but then she says he'll like it... and then she starts sucking my cock, while she's on the phone with her husband! It doesnt take long for him to show up and start watching us. She sits on my dick with her juicy ass and slams it like she hasn't been fucked in forever. Anna must have an oral fixation because she shoved my cock in her mouth whenever she could. I fucked her hard from behind & you could hear the gratitude in her voice as she thanked her husband for letting her be a little slut with me. Finally, I got on top and rammed her in missionary, pulling out and coming all over hairy pussy. Hope my gf enjoyed her run!

Released:Dec 25, 2021
Length:18 min

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